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Adult Sessions

Make that positive step today and learn how to manage your anxiety, depression, personality disorder, and any other illness that has been affecting your mental health with the therapy sessions Ruth provides at her practice in Croydon and the surrounding areas.

Therapy Sessions

Child and Teen Sessions

With more than 15 years’ experience of working with children and adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties, Ruth has the knowledge needed to help young people make sense of what they are experiencing.

Child & Teen Sessions

About Ruth

Be in control of your life and learn effective techniques on how to manage the stresses that affect your daily life with the tailored therapy sessions Ruth provides at her practice in Croydon, London. Ruth is a fully qualified Integrative Therapist who boasts 15 years’ experience in helping both adults and children cope with mental health issues, grief, and fears. In the therapy sessions she provides, you have the opportunity to take time out from your day-to-day life and reconnect with yourself by addressing the issues that have been affecting your health and wellbeing. No matter how complex the issue may be, Ruth is always on hand to guide and support you through your journey, and she uses a range of counselling and psychotherapy techniques to achieve the desired outcome. 

In her therapy sessions for children and young people, Ruth aims to help them make sense of what they have been experiencing emotionally, and she always works at the child’s pace to accomplish this. For further information about her therapy sessions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ruth at her practice in Croydon, London.

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