How To Cope With Stress After The Birth Of A Baby

How To Cope With Stress After The Birth Of A Baby

The birth of your baby often triggers an explosion of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety. For many mothers, it could even cause depression, which is often quite unexpected. Symptoms of “baby blues” after childbirth can include difficulty sleeping, anxiety, unexplained crying and mood swings. Postpartum stress could begin to appear two or three days after the birth of your baby.

Prompt actions and professional therapy can help to manage your stress symptoms, enabling you to bond better with your baby and enjoy those early months of being a parent.

5 Ways To Cope With Stress After The Birth Of A Baby
Relaxation- quality sleep is the best way to get the relaxation you need. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and re-energised. Mothers who undergo caesarean section procedures need more time to recover from the major abdominal surgery. Dishes and laundry can wait. It is better to get enough sleep and get relaxed as chronic sleep deprivation can affect your mental and physical state. When the baby is taking a nap, it’s a perfect time for mothers to take a nap as well. 

Meditation- meditation is an effective way to calm your mind and emotions. A 20-minute meditation session can reset your mental state when you start to get frustrated. The sympathetic fight-or-flight response should settle during meditation, and your blood pressure and heart rate will stabilise as well.

Join Support Groups- don’t sit around if you are having stress symptoms. New mum groups could provide effective support. Keep a positive mindset when joining a support group. You shouldn’t only look for support, but you should also be ready to provide support to others. Being able to help others could make you feel much better and this helps immensely in addressing your postpartum stress. 

Maintain Good Relationship With Spouse- husbands must reassure their wives that they are not alone. Wives must be willing to talk about their inner feelings. Husbands need to give wives time for themselves, because physical and mental fatigue is a contributing factor for postpartum depression.

Set Up Proper Self-Care Routine- self-care is crucial for new mothers. They need to be clean and well maintained, so they can organise internal emotions easily. Hygiene, healthy diet, rest, hydration, light exercise, entertainment and social support are important factors for a good self-care routine.
We can learn ways to use these coping skills in our everyday lives and that can best be done through professional therapy at New Life Therapy. With a wide range of therapeutic services for new mums, New Life Therapy focuses on making their clients feel more like themselves again.

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To learn more ways to cope with stress after the birth of a baby, contact New Life Therapy and speak with a qualified Integrative Therapist who can answer any questions that you might have.

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